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Beth Revis

Beth Revis – #TTBF Author Interview 2018

You write books in the STAR WARS universe. So, if you were alive a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, who would you want to be? Jedi? Sith? Rebel? Bounty hunter? Droid? A part of me says that I’d really like to be a Jedi, complete with mind tricks and a purple lightsaber. But another part of…

Taran Matharu

Taran Matharu – #TTBF Author Interview 2018

You once compared the Summoner series to Harry Potter meets Pokemon. If you could personally collect the students of Hogwarts in the way you collect Pokemon, who would be the prize of your collection? Assuming I was collecting Harry Potter trading cards, I think it would have to be Dobby! He was perhaps my favourite character after Harry, and everyone…

Katharine McGee

Katharine McGee- #TTBF Author Interview 2018

You’re a Texas girl, so which do you recommend TTBF out-of-towners hit up while they’re here? BBQ or Mexican or hip food truck? And what’s your go to order? MEXICAN! I especially love Matt’s El Rancho and Torchy’s. Also, I would be remiss in not telling everyone to go to Hopdoddy while you’re in town. I live for those queso…