2016 Schedule


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Friday, September 30

7 pm – A Special #TTBF Screening of The Outsiders, featuring Penguin Teen Authors Sabaa Tahir, David Arnold, and Renée Ahdieh.
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Saturday, October 1 @ St. Edward’s University

10:15 am – A Conversation with Mindy Kaling (RCC Gym)
Austin’s own Sarah Pitre of the Alamo Drafthouse will lead us in a conversation with award-winning actor Mindy Kaling, author of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns) and Why Not Me?

12:30 pm –Texas Throwdown Game Show: Are you BC or AD? (RCC Gym)
Are our authors true citizens of the 21st century? Or, are they truly out of another time? Find out in our annual death-defying game of skill and knowledge…and marshmallows.

1:15 pm — Fierce Reads Costume Judging (Parking Lot Tent Area)
Bringing your costumed alter ego? Be sure to stop by the Fierce Reads Photo Ops booth before 1:15 to enter our first ever costume contest!

1:30 pm– Keynote Address with Laini Taylor (RCC Gym)
Award winning author of The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, Lips Touch Three Times, and the upcoming Strange the Dreamer

4:30 pm– Closing Keynote with Leigh Bardugo (RCC Gym)
Bestselling author of The Grisha Series, and the much anticipated Crooked Kingdom, sequel to Six of Crows

2016 Panels

11:30 am – Panel 1: JUST LIKE OLD TIMES (RCC Gym)

Inspired by ancient history, legends, and myths of yore, these authors build on narratives we all know and love to spin tales that are shiny and new. Join them in The RCC Gym at 11:30 AM. It’ll be just like old times… but in the here and now.

  • Laini Taylor (STRANGE THE DREAMER)
  • Roshani Chokshi (THE STAR TOUCHED QUEEN)
  • Renée Ahdieh (THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER)
  • Sarah Porter (VASSA IN THE NIGHT)


11:30 am – Panel 2: CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? (Mabee Ballroom, Ragsdale Building, 3rd floor)

If you ask us no questions, we’ll tell you no lies. It’s true that these novels are full of secrets, but as to what they are hiding? Here’s a clue: There will be five authors in Mabee Ballroom at 11:30 AM with a microphone. They know how keep a secret. Do you?

  • Maggie Thrash (WE KNOW IT WAS YOU)
  • Sherri L .Smith (PASADENA)
  • Carrie Jones (FLYING)
  • Caleb Roehrig (LAST SEEN LEAVING
  • Adriana Mather (HOW TO HANG A WITCH)


2:30 pm- Panel 3: HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT (RCC Gym)

Jam-packed with hijinks, plots, scams, and heists, these novels offer breathless action and shadowy intrigue galore. You may not see them coming, but these five authors will be in The Rcc Gym at 2:30 PM, hiding in plain sight. Catch them if you can!

  • Leigh Bardugo (CROOKED KINGDOM)
  • Ally Carter (SEE HOW THEY RUN)
  • Billy Taylor (THIEVING WEASELS)
  • Morgan Rhodes (THE DARKEST MAGIC)
  • A.J. Hartley (STEEPLEJACK)


2:30 pm – Panel 4: PIECES OF ME (Mabee Ballroom, Ragsdale Building, 3rd floor)

“Just be yourself!” sounds so easy, but how do you figure out which piece of yourself to be? With wit and insight, these five novelists delve into the murky waters of identity. Join them in Mabee Ballroom at 2:30 PM to discuss how their characters navigate life, the universe, and the challenges of being the person called “me.”

  • Paula Garner (PHANTOM LIMBS)
  • Jeffery Self (DRAG TEEN)
  • Isabel Quintero (GABI, GIRL IN PIECES)
  • Joe Jiménez (BLOODLINES)


2:30 pm – Panel 5: WHERE LOYALTIES LIE (Jones Auditorium, Ragsdale Building, 1st floor)

We have all experienced wanting something we couldn’t have. But what about wanting what others think you shouldn’t or something others don’t? Join these four authors in Jones Auditorium at 2:30 PM to talk about the dangerous intersections created when passions and loyalties collide.

  • Shaun David Hutchinson (WE ARE THE ANTS)
  • Jeff Zentner (SERPENT KING)
  • Guadalupe Garcia McCall (SHAME THE STARS)

 3:30 pm – Panel 6: WHAT THE HEART WANTS (RCC Gym)

Love is the best, except when it’s the worst. But the heart wants what the heart wants, even when it hurts. No one knows that better than these five authors whose stories delve into the oh-so-tricky (yet utterly irresistible) matters of the heart. They’ll meet you in RCC Gym at 3:30 PM. It’s a date!

  • Brendan Kiely (THE LAST TRUE LOVE STORY)
  • David Arnold (KIDS OF APPETITE)
  • Mary E. Pearson (BEAUTY OF DARKNESS)
  • Kenneth Oppel (EVERY HIDDEN THING)


3:30 pm – Panel 7: WITH GREAT POWER . . . (Mabee Ballroom, Ragsdale Building, 3rd floor)

Powers dark and perilous animate the pages of these magical tales. To hear from the five spellcasters behind them, come to Mabee Ballroom at 3:30 PM. You won’t want to miss it, because with great power . . . comes great storytelling. (What, were you expecting us to say something else?)

  • Traci Chee (THE READER)
  • C.C. Hunter (MIDNIGHT HOUR)
  • Kendare Blake (THREE DARK CROWNS)
  • Katherine Catmull (RADIANT ROAD)
  • E.K. Johnston (THOUSAND NIGHTS