Revealing the 2019 #TTBF Poster!

This year’s poster was created by BookPeople’s Art Director and Austin-based artist Tomoko Bason. Bason was inspired by Georgetown’s poppies as well as the magic of books.

“I knew we wanted to pay homage to TTBF’s new location and Georgetown’s poppies–there’s something rather transportive about the idea of lying in a field of poppies, and calls to mind The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. Then, I personally find the idea of someone in a unicorn head whimsical and the reason why I love magical realism–that little something more than life, a wondrousness or surprise. Plus, the unicorn has all these rare and special qualities, that the odd little specialness that makes each of us individuals and can also connect us through the stories we read and share.” – Tomoko Bason

We are so excited to bring you this beautiful, dream-worthy art!