Future Possible? Teen Press Corps Says YES!


Future Possible featured SciFi authors Pierce Brown, Claudia Grey, Sophie Jordan, Jenny Martin, and Rick Yancey.

The first question asked was “Where do you ‘see’ yourself in your books and characters?”

Pierce Brown said that it feels as if authors are schizophrenic, because they have so many voices and characters all running around inside their heads. Claudia Grey said that most author have to fin themselves in every single character they write, even the evil ones, in order to make the story believable. Jordan explained how her main character is this type of misunderstood girl with a secret that would make people look at her differently, and she feels as if she can really relate with this description. Jenny Martin said how she thought writing books and creating strong characters was empowering and strengthening, even if she couldn’t relate to the brave characters she was writing. Rick Yancey lastly said that writing was amazing because with the characters that you create and all the fans that you have, it’s like you won’t need therapy when your older.

The next question was about how they write difficult scenes and books where characters die.

Brown answered by saying that yes, writing deaths is difficult and sometimes he does cry, but also if he doesn’t feel the emotions he is trying to make the readers feel, then he wouldn’t be writing it correctly. Grey stated that it is difficult to kill characters, especially when she feel she’s had a long relationship with them and is sad to leave them. Jordan said that the way she sees it, every character has their greatest fears and she has to make them face their fears some time or another during the story to make it a good book. Yancey then said when writing young adult books he has to feel what his readers feel and young people tend to feel a lot, so it then makes him feel a lot.

The moderator then asked what scares each author. They responded with really similar responses. Most of them were about how they feared being lonely or all of their family dying.