A Chit-Chat With Author Rick Yancey!

-This post comes from BookPeople Teen Press Corps members Sofia & Haley


rick yancey

Teen Press Corps: So, first off, how do you begin to write a book? Does it start with a scene, a character, or a line of dialogue?
Rick Yancey: For me, it’s always a mental image. I have a mental image of a character in a situation doing something that’s unraveling or figuring out where that image came from.
What did you like to read as a teen?

As a teen, I was a real fantasy nerd. I loved fantasy. What’s the name of that series? Oh, Lord of the Rings! Obviously. And the Sword of Shanera―I forget who wrote that. Terry Brooks is his name. I liked George R.R. Martin before he was George R.R. Martin. He’s been writing forever. Before he was really popular, I loved him.

Oh, cool! Describe your writing space. Are there any lucky charms or special foods you can’t live without?

Oh, gosh! Yes, actually there are. I have a pair of candles I can’t write without, and sometimes I light them, and sometimes I don’t. I get superstitious either way. I can’t face scenery. I have to be facing a blank wall, but I have to have scenery nearby. So if I look away, then I see something.

 That’s really interesting!

Who were some people who supported your writing from the very beginning?

Oh gosh, it started with my parents who were very supportive. My wife has been incredibly supportive. My youngest son is, like, my biggest cheerleader and fan, and he’s been the most supportive. And, you know, some teachers, too. Very supportive teachers and some big encouragement.

That’s sweet! So, taking it back to the very beginning, what was the first story you remember writing?

It was a survival story about this guy who was lost in the wilderness and he had to decide whether or not to eat his companion.

That’s brutal! Do you know how old you were?

About fourteen or fifteen.

What are some of your other favorite hobbies?

I love to fish, I love the beach, I love the movies a lot, and I love to read.

What were you doing when you found out that The Fifth Wave was going to be a movie?

I was actually taking a walk in the neighborhood with my dog.


Is there anything exciting you are working on right now?

I just finished The Last Star, and that’s the third book in the series, and that’s coming out next year. And after that, I don’t know. I’ll have to wait for another image to pop into my head!

 Thank you so much for allowing us to interview you!

Thank you guys! Those are great questions.