An Interview With Author Jenny Han!

-This post comes from BookPeople Teen Press Corps member Haley

TPC: So, first off, how do you begin to write a book? Does it start with a scene, a character, or a line of dialogue?

Jenny Han: It starts to me with a scene in my head where it all begins. I don’t outline, so it’s really just a spark of an idea, and I never know what’s about to happen. But I just have a scene in my head.

That’s so cool! Describe your writing space. Are there any lucky charms or special foods you can’t write without?

I usually go to my friend Adele Griffin’s house. She’s also a YA author, and we write on her couch. I don’t have any special totems or anything, but I do like to have a nice cold drink and some snacks and some music.

That sounds fun! So, taking it back to the very beginning, what was the first story you remember writing?

The first story I remember writing was about a girl named Dawn, whose parents were being divorced, and she had an annoying little sister. I started writing that when I was I think seven. And I had chapters and chapters and chapters of stuff. And I loved it. Then I got bored after, like, fifteen chapters.

 That’s so cute! Which of your characters, from any of your books, do you think you relate most to?

Probably Laura Jean, from To All The Boys I’ve loved before, because I’m really close to my sister, too. I love to bake, fashion, and nail art, and stuff like that! So, maybe a cross between her and Margo. For me, I have a younger sister, and there are times when I’m the older sister to her, and then she’s like a big sister to me. You know what I mean? So it’s like that. It’s what’s great about that. With sisters, you have a different role at different times.

 I have a sister, and that’s exactly my relationship with her! So, this is a really hard question, what has been your favorite thing about Austin so far?

I love queso! I really like queso. The food in Austin’s always great. I also love how whenever I come to Texas, it’s just like book country! It really is. It’s like everybody is such a reader, and you can just feel it in the air.

 That’s definitely one of my favorite parts. So, what are you currently reading?

I just bought Mindy Kaling’s new book!

 I want to read that so badly! And lastly, what can readers look forward to next from you?

Next is― I’ve started something new―it’s too early to say what it is, but it’ll be different than what I’ve done before. But it’s also sort of the same, which I just really love to explore. Like, for example, sister relationships, first love, first heartbreak, and family stuff. So that’s all in there! It’s kind of a fun, different setting. Very sparkly.

 Awesome!! I’m so excited! I’ll be looking out for it. Well, thank you so much for your time!

My pleasure!


Stayed tuned for more interviews and awesome happenings throughout today at the Texas Teen Book Festival 2015!