Announcing Cat Patrick Author of The Originals

Monday’s are good news days around here and we are so incredibly happy to announce that Cat Patrick is making her way to #ATBF13! We are big fans of her debut FORGOTTEN and can’t wait to dive in THE ORIGINALS and JUST LIKE FATE! Did you know her house has been struck by lightning twice? Let’s get to know Cat Patrick!

If you were forced to own 12 animals at the same time, would you choose cats, dogs, or snakes?
Snakes. I’d teach them to sit on my head and make people call me Medusa. I’d travel everywhere with them and insist they be allowed their own first class seat, then demand they be fed steak for every meal. Steaks for snakes on a plane.

Care to share an embarrassing high school memory?
Sure…does it have to be my own? Once I walked into English with my dress tucked into my tights. No wait, that was my friend. I seem to have repressed all of my own.

If you could clone anyone or anything, who/what would you clone?
Myself! Then one of me could be on permanent vacation while the other could continue plotting world domination. Or just hang out more with my kids.

Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? Want to?
Seeing as I grew up in the great state of Wyoming, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never ridden a mechanical bull. I have, however, ridden an actual bull. And I did, in the previous sentence, just give you a load of bull. Yeah, I’d ride one. Bring it.

For more information about Cat Patrick and her books, check out her website.

17-year-olds Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey Best grew up as identical triplets… until they discovered a shocking family secret. They’re actually closer than sisters, they’re clones. Hiding from a government agency that would expose them, the Best family appears to consist of a single mother with one daughter named Elizabeth. Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey take turns going to school, attending social engagements, and a group mindset has always been a de facto part of life…

Then Lizzie meets Sean Kelly, a guy who seems to see into her very soul. As their relationship develops, Lizzie realizes that she’s not a carbon copy of her sisters; she’s an individual with unique dreams and desires, and digging deeper into her background, Lizzie begins to dismantle the delicate balance of an unusual family that only science could have created.

Mark your calendars for September 28th and join us at the Austin Convention Center! Hey, bring a friend, will ya? #yes