Announcing Mari Mancusi Author of Scorched

Another amazing addition to our lineup today! You will recognize Mari Mancusi from her series with bite, the Blood Coven Vampire series. Her new book out in September is the first in amazing trilogy featuring dragons! Let’s get to know Mari!

Mari Mancusi Scorched

Did you have imaginary friends growing up?
Sort of. I invented an alter-ego for myself (my evil twin I guess) called Jessica. Jessica got away with EVERYTHING. Maybe that’s why so many of my books have had twins in them. It was something I was fascinated with — two people who looked the same but acted completely different — ever since I read SWEET VALLEY HIGH.

If you had to pick one, would your spirit animal be an armadillo, a bat, or a longhorn?
I’m a goth girl at heart so I’m going with the bat for sure. I love going down to the bridge over Austin’s Town Lake in the evenings and watching the bats emerge. There’s just something magical about them. Creepy–yet majestic.

Puff the Magic Dragon or Norbert?
As lovable as Puff is — he’s a bit emo for my tastes. I mean, so his friend Jackie grew up and forgot about him. Now he’s just going to sit around, depressed for the rest of his life? Come on Puff–grow a spine! I mean sure, Norbert wasn’t as cuddly — at least to Weasley’s — but at least he (she) acted like a dragon is supposed to act, for goodness sakes!

What do you like in your breakfast taco? What does that say about you?
Trudy’s (a local Tex Mex chain in Austin) has these Tacos Sanos — which have scrambled egg whites, crispy spinach, sliced avocado, and Monterey Jack cheese on a corn tortilla. So, so good. Of course I’m also pretty happy getting a refried bean and cheese breakfast taco off the local taco truck. Maybe that means I’m flexible. Or that I just freaking love breakfast tacos in all ways, shapes and forms.

For more information about Mari Mancusi and her books, check out her website.

Sixteen-year-old Trinity Brown is used to her grandfather’s crazy stories, so she never believed the latest treasure he brought home was a real dragon’s egg. Not until their home is invaded by soldiers trying to steal it and a strange boy who tells her the world as she knows it will be wiped out in a fiery dragon war—unless they work together to stop it. Meantime, there’s a different voice whispering to Trinity, calling to her, telling her what to do…the dragon inside her egg is not ready to give up without a fight.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, September 28th!