Are you ready for the Throwdown?

Once again the infamous Texas Throwdown Game Show will ruthlessly pit TTBF author against TTBF author in a hair-raising, death-defying battle for the ages to determine which team will do the dance of VICTORY and which team must suffer inglorious defeat! This year six worthy authors will brave the gladiatorial arena.

Sabaa Tahir
Rene S. Perez II
David Arnold
Caleb Roehrig
E.K. Johnston
& Jeffery Self


As Marcus Aurelius once said,“What we do now echoes in eternity.”

In other words, this game just got REAL.

So, will they astound everyone with their knowledge of past and present in an epic battle of AD vs. BC? Will they prove themselves true citizens of our 21st century world of viral memes and Pokémon Go? Or will we have to send them back to ancient times because that’s where they truly belong?

This year we have spared no expense to bring you the one, the only King of Camp Half-Blood Topher Bradfield as our Master MC aided by his very untrustworthy sidekick, Emperor Nero!

Echoing Cicero’s ancient words, his only advice to these worthy competitors is: “Give yourself to the people. Entrust yourself to the Games.”

May the best authors win.