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TTBF Q&A 2019: Author Rory Power

A #TTBF Q&A with Author Rory Power 1. What’s the one material thing you couldn’t live without? My DVD of The Phantom Menace (fight me about it). 2. What song would feature in the soundtrack to your life? Any soundtrack would have to include “8 (Circle),” by Bon Iver, which is in the running for my favorite song of all…

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TTBF Q&A: 2019 Keynote author Akilah Hughes

You already know Akilah Hughes, a writer, comedian, and YouTuber residing in Brooklyn, NY, will be presenting her collection of humorous essays: Obviously: Stories from my Timeline as a keynote speaker at the 2019 Festival on October 12. You probably know she’s been a digital correspondent for MTV, Fusion, Comedy Central, Crooked Media, and more. We recently saw her on…