Creature Comfort

~post by Sam

“Sophie Jordan, Scott Speer, Anna Banks, Gina Damico (GD), Tara Hudson, and Martha Brockenbrough all walked up to their seats with big smiles on their faces and joking around with each other. Everyone was joking that Scott was the creature and that this whole panel was based around him. Sophie was the moderator. She told us her book Firelight, was just optioned for a movie and that her new book Univited, is coming out in 2014.

Scott Speer, Immortal City: Directs music videos and movies, some have featured Jordan Sparks and Ashley Tisdel. He directed Step Up 4: The Revolution and has written Immortal City. He never really thought he would write a paranormal book. His biggest success prior to this was a Paris Hilton video. This is a completely different world from LA.

Anna Banks, Of Poseidon: The Joker in the group complains excessively about stingy tippers. She talks about how she used to write other student’s term papers in school. An interesting combo, she likes reading, writing, and drinking. She states her favorite wine is Anna Scarlet. Originally, Anna thought she would write a Sasquatch romance but her agent hated it. In childhood often pretended to be a mermaid, and loved the ocean- they seemed like an obvious choice. She is still determined to write her Sasquatch love story even if she has to self publish it.
Tara Hudson: She was born in Oklahoma and has a law degree. She loves telling ghost stories. Here After is her next book due out in 2014. As a lawyer she is obsessed with death. Paranormal blending with the real world is her favorite, it makes thing a bit more creepy. She wanted to write a ghost story about being so close to this world and yet unable to interact with it.
Gina Damico, Scorch: Her book developed from a murder mystery improv class she had taken in college. She wanted to write something funny and in her opinion nothing is funnier than death. “Imagine all the ways people can die”, she said.
Martha Brockenbrough, Devine Intervention: She is a former Journalist, and the founder of National Grammar Day.  Surprisingly she says neither character, Drone nor Meid, is autobiographical. She never set out to write a paranormal novel. She never dreamed of being a mermaid but would like to be a ghost.”