Erin Bowman – #TTBF Author Interview – 2017

















1. Your novel takes place in the gritty Wild West. What do you love most about Westerns? Do you have a personal favorite?

The setting and grit, and how the lawless landscape allows for my favorite type of literary characters: morally gray ones. I don’t think I’ve met a western that I didn’t like, but one of my favorites is Lonesome Dove.

2. Do you have a hidden talent that we should know about?

Does writing two novels and a short story with a toddler count? If so, that’s my talent. (I’m honestly not sure how I met my deadlines these past two years)

3. TTBF’s new slogan is “Read Everything.” What book should be on our official Read Everything book list for 2017?

I feel like everyone has already heard about this book (and rightfully so), but I need to mention THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas. There are important books and there are fabulous stories. THUG is both.