~post by Laura & Emily of Teen Press Corps


Hey guys, I just got back from the Dark Days vs. Fierce Reads panel and OMG it was so fantastically amazing! These authors were so funny and the game show was hilarious. Here’s a list of the authors involved:

TEAM Fierce Reads:

  • Alexandra Coutts – Tumble and Fall
  • Leila Sales – This Song Will Save Your Life
  • S.A. Bodeen – The Fallout
  • Marissa Meyer – Scarlett

TEAM Dark Days:

  •  Michelle Gagnon – Don’t Look Now
  • Sherry Thomas – Burning Sky
  • Mindy McGinnis – Not a Drop to Drink
  • Madeleine Roux – Asylum
  • Rae Carson – The Bitter Kingdom

The event started out with our sassy emcee Topher from BookPeople, the “impartial” game show host, having the ladies introduce themselves and their books. Once that was over, the games, and all the fun, finally began…

First up was the Newly Wed Game. On each panel, the authors would pair off. Topher would ask a question and each pair would have to write their answers on a sheet of paper. You could definitely tell that Mindy McGinnis Michelle Roux from Dark Days were indeed BFFLS. They couldn’t help but finish each other’s sentences. Fierce Reads trampled Dark Days and won this round. Come on, Dark Days, you guys can pull ahead!

In the second game, the authors on each panel had to pair up again. Topher would project an image onto a screen and one author had to describe the image to her partner, who was sitting in a chair facing away from the screen. The goal was to get the author facing away from the screen to say what the image was for as many images as she could within 30 seconds. Fierce Reads kept knocking out the right answers, and then Dark Days was up. Unfortunately, for Dark Days, Fierce Reads took the round due to Mindy McGinnis and Rae Carson’s lack of knowledge when it comes to Adventure Time.

The third and last game was a sort of Whose Line Is it Anyway parody with hilarious improv stylings to challenge the panelists. My favorite quote from this game was in answer to the prompt: “The end of the world started with cat food….” And, Dark Days’ Sherry Thomas had the epic conclusion of: “as the zombie cats broke into my house and started biting me and one lone werewolf human was no match against an army of  cats.” Oh, those are some Dark Days indeed.

There was no real true winner here. Everyone came out on top. But, I have to say Rae Carson was triumphant in the fact that she could keep Topher on his toes. They had their own mini sass-off game that was probably my favorite part!


Lunchtime with Rob Thomas, Maggie Stiefvater