Interviews from the ATBF

From Laura, here comes two more interviews from the amazing authors at the festival.


Jenny Han and Melissa Walker were kind enough to answer some questions for me about their thoughts on the festival.

When asked why they wanted to become authors, Jenny said that she loved reading and writing and , most importantly, books. Melissa on the other hand thought of life as a movie in her head and wanted to make that movie more exciting and she is able to achieve this through the characters of her book.

As to what they thought about the steam punk theme, they both agreed that the costumes were fun and that it was fun and cool. Melissa even thought that it helped to bring books to life.

My last question for this wonderful duo was how they heard about the ATBF. Like the other authors, they heard it through the author grapevine. They said that it was this way for all the great book festivals.

— Laura