Into Hearts of Darkness Q&A




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Into Hearts of Darkness

Authors: Holly Black, Mari Mancusi, Victoria Scott, April Genevieve Tucholke, John Scovron, and Robin Wasserman.

Q: What is the Easiest and Hardest part of the book for you to write?

MM: The concept of the book is what comes to me first and foremost. Writing all parts of the book are hard.
AGT: The middle is the hardest for me to write. About 2/3s of the way in it gets difficult.
HB: I start with a image in my head and work from there. The middle of the book is always hardest.
VS: The middle is the hardest. Particularly the end of the first third.
JS: The beginning is easiest for me and the middle is hardest.

Q: How do you come up with story ideas?

MM: They just sort of come to me. I like to put things together that aren’t supposed to go together. I like to twist things.
AGT: A story of a group of kids hunting a vampire in the cemetery gave her inspiration for a part in Between the Devil and the Blue Sea.
JS: Ideas are everywhere! If you just put down the phones and look you’ll find them.
RW: One idea is never one book.” I start with the type of book and he ideas just clump themselves together.
HB: A book is so many ideas coming together.” I try to write books that I want to read.
VS: I always read books and movies and think how can I rewrite this to make the ending come out the way I want it to.

Then, we got into the real nitty gritty…

Q: Favorite flavor of Ice cream? Your choices are chocolate or vanilla.
although, a couple of the panelists cheated….

MM: Oreo
AGT: Vanilla
HB: Vanilla
RW: Salted Caramel
JS: I don’t like ice cream

Q: Would you rather wrestle a tiger or an alligator?

MM: Alligator
AGT: Tiger
HB: Tiger
RW: Alligator
JS: Alligator
VS: Alligator

Q: If you could die anyway with pain and could come back after wards, how would you want to die?

MM: Jump in a volcano.
AGT: Flames
HB: Jump off a building.
RW: Jump off a building.
JS: Jump out of a spaceship

Q: If you fought with the person on your left, would you win?

MM: I would bring my dragons, so yes. (April on her left)
HB: Yes (she had no one on her left)
RW: No (Holly)
JS: No (Robin)
VS: NO (Mari)

Truth or Dare

MM: Truth
Q: If you could be any other author on the panel who would it be?
MM: Holly Black

AGT: Dare
Q: Write a haiku about another author on the panel.
AGT: Cold Cold Holly Black, Blue hair; Black, Blood, Vampire Attack; Cold Cold Holly Black

VS: Truth
Q: What is the most gruesome way you would want you characters to die?
VS: Put them all in a house and set it on fire.

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