Libba Bray Makes a Splash

~post by Hayden

“Libba Bray (author of The Diviners) brought down the house with an inspirational, thought provoking, and not to mention outright hilarious speech/lightsaber fight (which she won!). Her entire speech was focused around “20 Things I’ve learned in All My Time.” These 20 statements range from the insane like, “What ever problem you have it can probably be solved with getting pizza,” and “Don’t drop acid and see the movie Alien,” to attacks on the status quo like “Tests are total bull,” and pure emotional statements about her own experiences after a life changing car crash.

As I watched Libba Bray, I had an overwhelming sense that everything she said applied not just to me, or even everyone in the audience, but all people. I found her incredibly fun to listen to. As she began her talk I noticed that the entire audience was listening with rapt attention. She held all of us for her speech, the woman can command a room. Well done Libba, well done.”

Libba Bray Defeats Topher