Pen Fatale Panel

Alyson Noel, Mary Pearson, Jessica Brody, and Gabrielle Zevin


 The Pen Fatale panel was amazing. The authors were hilarious and so kind to  us fans.

Moderator Margo Rabb had nothing but nice things to say about her fellow panel members Alyson Noel, Mary Pearson, Jessica Brody, and Gabrielle Zevin during the introductions and asked some very great questions.

One of the very many questions asked was what the authors latest works were and what part of it they enjoyed writing about the most.

 Alyson’s latest work is Dreamland, the third of its series, and her favorite thing about writing this book is that she gets to bring back old characters from her other books.

For Mary Pearson, her latest work is the Fox Inheritance, which takes place about 310 years in the future and is about three teens who were in a car accident and had only their thoughts to keep them company, but are brought back illegally about 200 years after the incident. Mary’s favorite thing about this book is that she could go wild with what the world would be like about this time in future. A distopian writer through and through, Mary’s novel is bound to be excellent.

Jessica’s latest is My Life Undecided, a hilarious book about a 15 girl who has never been able to make good decisions, so she decides to make a blog where other people can make her decisions for her. I have never met an author so funny, lighthearted, and kind before and her personality is bound to show up in her novel.

Last but by no means least is Gabrielle’s book All These Things I’ve Done. This is a very thoughtful novel about a girl who lives in the year 2083 where life is by no means wonderful. The main theme of this novel is that your last name basically defines what others will think of you and that your birthright will follow you no matter how old you get or where you go. Having personally read this book, I must agree that it drives the point home, but does so through a story that will grab hold of you and keep you in its grip until the very end.

If you wanna see more of this wonderful panel, go to youtube and watch all four parts.