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Heidi Heilig

Heidi Heilig – #TTBF Author Interview 2018

If you had to write a musical about your traveling adventures, what would the title character’s big song be called? To me, the best song titles are lyrical hooks with double meanings or word play. Something like “I Always Want To Go, (But I Never Want To Leave).” How much did you draw on your own theater background for inspiration as…

Alex London

Alex London – #TTBF Author Interview 2018

Your books have been picked as a reluctant reader selections. What do you find is the best way to make “reluctant readers” reach for books? Give them choice over their own reading! When you provide readers with a diverse array of books to choose from–diverse in content and in form–they will find a way to a book that feels like…

Beth Revis

Beth Revis – #TTBF Author Interview 2018

You write books in the STAR WARS universe. So, if you were alive a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, who would you want to be? Jedi? Sith? Rebel? Bounty hunter? Droid? A part of me says that I’d really like to be a Jedi, complete with mind tricks and a purple lightsaber. But another part of…