The Force is Strong: Claudia Gray at #TTBF15

It’s NOT a trap!

New York Times Best Selling author of the Evernight series, A Thousand Pieces of You, and the soon to be released Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lost Stars, Claudia Gray is heading to the Texas Teen Book Festival on Sept. 26 at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. The festival is free and open to the public.

The news broke in Entertainment Weekly last March that Claudia Gray would be a part of the 20 books released this year that would fill in the 32-year gap between “Return of the Jedi” and the much anticipated December release of “The Force Awakens”. “This is like a dream I would’ve had at any point between 1977 and now”, says Gray on her blog.

Details of Lost Stars from Disney Lucasfilm Press:
Star Wars meets Romeo and Juliet in this epic YA novel that follows two best friends who find themselves on opposite sides of the war between the Empire and the Rebellion.

This thrilling YA novel gives readers a macro view of some of the most important events in the Star Wars universe: from the purge of the Jedi in Episode III, to the beginnings of the rebellion in Star Wars Rebels, and through the fall of the Empire in Episodes IV-IV. Readers will experience these major moments through the eyes of two best friends who grow up in these troubling times, and find themselves on opposite sides of the war.

As with other Journey to Episode VII titles, hints about the upcoming film will be included in the narrative, as well as original, post-Episode VI content that sets up the new film.

Chapters alternate perspectives between our two protagonists – one a Rebel pilot, the other an Imperial officer. By exploring these two different worlds, readers will experience many of the major moments in the original Star Wars trilogy – from the destruction of the Death Star to the battle of Hoth – through these two characters’ eyes.

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