The hardest part to write


~post by Collette & Kendall


Authors: Madeline Roux, Sherry Thomas, Mindy Mcginnis, Michelle Gagron, Rae Carson, and Amy Tintera

Questions and Answers from the authors….

Q: How do you get your ideas?
MR: Ritual sacrifice, nudity, and a taco bell chalupa.
ST: Costco sells them by bulk.
RC: We just don’t know!
MG: I get mine off of Amazon.
AT: I have no idea.

Q: What do you wish you knew before your first book published?
RC: I wish I knew how much of my job didn’t involve writing.
MG: Do not do send a huge mailing order.
MM: I wish I would have known how amazing the community of authors is. And don’t overestimate how many people want your bookmarks.
ST: I wish I would have known to make the dude a vampire and the girl a werewolf.

Q: Do you create the world first or the characters?
MR: Character first, worlds after.
ST: World first
MM: Her world is her own backyard. Lots of science and facts are involved.
MG: World
RC: Character. Starts with something from her own life
Q: What is the most fun about writing YA?
RC: My readers. They are not afraid to ask hard questions.
MG: Inspiring my readers.
MM: I like being around teens. Every emotion is heightened.
ST: Having her kids think she’s cool.
MR: Unique opportunity to get to speak to people at a such a critical time in their life.

Oh, those crazy authors….

Q: Cupcake or Cookie?
MR: Cupcake
ST: Cupcake
MM: Water
MG: Cupcake
RC: Cookie

Q: What character would you want to be in any YA?
MR: Lynn
ST: Queen of Atolia
MM: Viola
MG: Katniss
RC: Hermione Granger

Q: Favorite word?
MR: Cataclysm
ST: Insidious
MM: Inappropriate
MG: Erubescent
RC: Viscosity

Now, lets get to the real politics of it all….

Q: Ebook Vs Hardbook
MR: However we can get people to read.
ST: It’s hard to sign electric books.
MM: Doesn’t really matter but I prefer physical book.
MG: Anyway we can get people to read.
RC: I don’t care. As long as they read my book.

Q: Are you bound to one genre?
MR: I’m not tied down.
ST: I’m a genre hopper.
MG: Stuck on thrillers.
RC: I write everything.

Q: How do you get through the writing process?
MR: I like intense spurts. I not consistent at all.
ST: Feed the people first, book don’t die.
MM: You don’t have to write everyday.
MG: If you write a page a day you have a book in a year.
RC: Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Borderland.

Q: What are you working on now?
AT: Not aloud to share.
MR: Sequel for Asylum.
ST: Epic Martial Arts book.
MM: Not a lot to share.
MG: Don’t Let Go, the conclusion to the Persephone series.
RC: New Historical Trilogy.

Q: Hardest part to write?
MG: Middle.
RC: Middle
MR: Middle
MM: The first page.
ST: The emotions are hardest to write.


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