What Would You Do For Love

~post by Jacqueline

What Would You Do For Love: Tracy Deebs, Ally Condie, Kresley Cole, Jessica Shirvington, Tamara Ireland Stone, Jessica Khoury
All these authors are absolutely amazing and they are as entertaining as their books.

Tracy Deebs was the moderator of the panel so she didn’t say very much, but she talked about how her main character in Tempest Unleashed is seventeen because she feels that seventeen is an age where you are in between being an adult and being a kid still and she thinks that it is a very influential age, she also talked about how she believes that every author has a bit of themselves in parts of their stories. I sat through an interview with her and she is a genuinely interesting and kind person!

Ally Condie is larger than life. She has just adopted her fourth kid and while finishing the Matched series.  When asked about what where her favorite elements of the world she created in the Matched series she said that she liked that they got their food delivered to them every day, and  that there is the certainty that you will never get cancer. She also said that if there was anything that she wanted her readers to get out of her stories it would be to not be scared if you life doesn’t turn out the way you want it to don’t be scared because your life will turn out to be unexpectedly incredible.

Kresley Cole talked about how she is incredibly proud of her book Poison Princess, and how she thought that this was her best novel yet. She talked about how she had written books before in a different genre and it used to take her a lot longer to write books, but once she started writing in this genre writing just became so much easier to her and she loves it.

Jessica Shirvington– I absolutely love this author!!-  is a monumentally cool person and to make it even better she has an Australian accent.  She had an extremely funny, quirky sense of humor as well. When she was asked about what advice she would give someone based on her book she said, and I quote “don’t sleep with someone with haste”.  Also she talked about how her husband thinks that she based all the good features of her two main male characters of her book Entice on all of his “amazing” features. When asked what music inspires her to write she said anything by Florence and the Machine. All in all I became a fan of Jessica Shirvington.

Tamara Ireland Stone– I absolutely LOVE Tamara Ireland Stone’s book Time Between Us.  During the panel she talked about how she based the settings of her book on past experiences, and how she liked being able to write about time traveling because she could go anywhere in the world and she could go and relive past experiences that she hadn’t thought about in years.  She said that she made her character sixteen, because it is such and influential age and she herself had a romance at that age as well. Also she said that she is currently working on a sequel to Time Between Us. She was an incredibly sweet person.

Jessica Khoury is a really interesting person.  She revealed that the foster sister of the main character in Origin was based on her little sister.  When asked about the setting of Origin she said that she always wanted to have a story that was set in some far off, exotic place, and she was considering making a fake world, but then she found that there are places like that on Earth, and she decided on the Amazon.   She loves that you can read her book and then actually go to the Amazon and experience the setting.  She said that there is not going to be a sequel to Origin, but that she is in the beginnings of a companionship for a new book.  She also said that the idea for Origin came to her from a vision that she had of a girl being stuck in a glass case that can’t get to the boy that she loves. I really liked Jessica Khoury and highly suggest readers to pick up Origin.”