#TTBF14 Panel Talk: Growing Up and Other Natural Disasters

growing up

~Post by Kendall of the BookPeople Teen Press Corps

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the award-winning author of several Young Adult novels, including the critically acclaimed Winger and The Marbury Lens. He is a native-born Californian who spent most of his formative years traveling the world. He has published numerous short stories and articles. He lives in Southern California. Andrew Smith is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to writing novels. His novels range from whimsical to sadness reincarnated. From beautiful romance to deadly suspense. Andrew Smith can do it all. I have never met an author who is as diverse as Andrew Smith is with his novels. His debut novel, Ghost Medicine, took the YA world by storm.  However, I feel like, with Andrews’s skills and high-class writing style, he will be an all-star in the YA universe in a couple years! He will be speaking and signing his newest book, 100 Sideways Miles.

Jennifer Mathieu

Jennifer Mathieu is an English teacher, writer, wife, and mom who writes books for and about young adults. Jennifer Mathieu seems like  a fun loving quirky girl though her books have a very serious and dark undertone. Her debut novel, The Truth About Alice, is out now, and people are loving it! It is a deep, dark, and twisted YA novel that brings draws you into the perilous journeys of high school rumors and how they can really affect people. What I really love about Jennifer Mathieu is that she undertook the impossible in her debut novel. She didn’t just write The Truth About Alice in one point of view, but five! Each character has they’re own personality and are very different. I commend Jennifer because keeping that many point of views separate is insanely hard! She will be speaking and signing her debut, The Truth About Alice  at the Texas Teen Book festival!

Fun Facts About Jennifer Mathieu:

1. Her first language was Spanish. She didn’t learn English until she went to preschool.

2. She has an autographed photo of Betty White in her walk-in closet. We love you, Betty!

3. She likes to write in the dark. She doesn’t know why.

4.  The first book to make her cry was Charlotte’s Web.

5. When she achieves a writing milestone like revising a chapter or making a word count,  she rewards herself with frozen yogurt. Yes, she walk on the wild side!

Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy is a Texas native writer with a flair for adventure. Through Side Effects May Vary, Julie tells the story of a young girl, Alice, who’s facing death. Julie tells the winding, crazy tell of Alice’s journeys to live life to the fullest before her inevitable death. Julie is an amazing writer. She gives us a story that in all-purpose should be sad and horrible but makes it into a fun-filled, romance riddled, and comedic story that tells us one thing. Live you’re life now and do not be afraid of death. I applaud how Julie she can make even the saddest of stories a story about love and happiness and not bleakness and sadness. Julie Murphy is a hit writer who’s next book, Dumplin‘, due out in 2015 and  is sure to blow our minds!

Jandy Nelson

Oh, what to say about Jandy Nelson! Jandy Nelson, in my view, is perfection in novel writing. Her books are all about growing up and finding yourself through the hazy mist of teen-hood. Through tragedies, romance, and teenage drama Jandy brings us tales that mirror our own lives. Through her diverse characters, we are able to live in the shoes of every person known to man. Whether it is a young party girl, a homosexual artistic boy, or a girl stuck between two loves and her own misery, Jandy does it! She is a powerhouse writer that has already swept many YA readers off their feet. Jandy has nowhere to go but up! Be prepared for Jandy to be the next big time author to grace us with her presence! Jandy Nelson will be speaking and signing I’ll Give You The Sun.


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