Meet the Press: Grayson & Laura

Meet another of our Teen Press Corps members:


Grayson is a 14-year-old freshman at Westlake High School.  He loves making people laugh and really enjoys acting.  He wants to be a lighting engineer when he grows up, and currently serves on the Westlake football video crew and the TEC (Technical Entertainment Crew). Photography is Grayson’s specialty, and we’re excited to have his keen eye for images on board!  Grayson has been volunteering with the ATBF since the very first year, and says it’s been exciting to see how the festival has evolved over time!   Follow him on Twitter @ grayson r.@gtr_8 !



Laura loves to read  and write.  When she’s not reading, she’s playing the viola or studying Latin.  She’s a teen book review blogger for local bookstore, Book People, and you can see her reviews on their Teen Book Blog. A sample of her poetry follows:

All Is Not Lost
Cries from children for their mothers
Shouts of curses and insults
The sharp crack of a gun shot
These are the noises that never cease
The smoke rising from the gas chambers
The dead bodies lying on the ground
The half dead stepping off of trains
These are the sights I cannot bear
Burning flesh
These are the smells I must live with
Hopelessness, anguish, forlornness
Agony, torment, misery
Helplessness, despair, defenselessness
These are the feelings I battle with everyday
My body
My spirit
My dreams
All of these things have been broken
Inside me a fire burns
It does not consume me
It does not hurt me
It merely burns
Every day this fire is reduced to embers
Every night, it builds itself back up
I will never let it die
When it dies, I will
This fire is my hope