Meet the Press: Meredith and Willa!

We’ll be introducing you to our press corps members all this week — stay tuned for more profiles of our awesome teen journalists!


13-year-old Meredith attends the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin, Texas. She loves reading and would read and drink tea all day long if she could (check out her blog, Mint and Tea and a Good Book). While she loves photography and film, writing is her strong suit. Be on the lookout for thoughtful questions and insights from Meredith! Follow her on Twitter @MintMeredith !


13-year-old Willa is a girl with a serious love of both books and writing. Her book blog, Willa’s Ramblings, is her addiction, and she is currently working on two novels, both for young adults. In her spare time Willa reads, writes, and color coats everything.  She is honored to be a part of the press corps for Austin Teen Book Festival, and can’t wait for Saturday! Follow her on Twitter @WillasRamblings !

We hope you’re as excited about this Saturday’s Austin Teen Book Festival as we are!