TTBF Q&A 2019: Author Rory Power

Rory Power interview graphic

A #TTBF Q&A with Author Rory Power

1. What’s the one material thing you couldn’t live without?

My DVD of The Phantom Menace (fight me about it).

2. What song would feature in the soundtrack to your life?

Any soundtrack would have to include “8 (Circle),” by Bon Iver, which is in the running for my favorite song of all time.

3. What historical event would you travel back in time to witness?

The invention of the sandwich.

4. Your debut, Wilder Girls, is full of incredibly fierce, brave girls who are in a position they never thought they’d be. What are some women in your life (or the world) that inspired this type of fierceness?

I was mostly inspired by women I know – my friends, my family – who, despite a lack of help or support, grew up to be kind and compassionate people, which to me is such an incredible display of strength.

5. Wilder Girls has been getting compared to Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation. What pop culture connections would YOU use to describe your book?

I would say WILDER GIRLS is like a moody woods-themed 8tracks playlist meets assorted shots from the movie WILD by way of NEVER LET ME GO, with more yelling.

6. If you could choose three books to include on our official “Read Everything” book list for 2019, what would they be?